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Flock of Pink Flamingos
By Randy VanDuyn
Sunday, April 24, a flock of pink flamingos took up residency on the front lawn of Jack and Marge  Clark’s home!  The flamingos allegedly escaped from the Cedar Springs Rotary Interact Club.  Jack and Marge were SURPISED and entertained to see the exotic pink birds in their yard with a hot pink sign stating, “You’ve been flocked!”
Jack and Marge Clark now have a unique opportunity to pay a small fee that supports the Interact Club AND they get to select the next recipient to flock. This is confidential until the chosen recipients see the flock of pink flamingos in their yard! What a great way to support our local kids, community and to have fun throughout Cedar Springs.
The Interact Club, sponsored by the Cedar Springs Rotary Club, is made up of high school students from Cedar Springs High School and Creative Technologies Academy.  This is very exciting as it’s the first year Cedar Springs has had an Interact Club. They now join existing clubs in communities such as Greenville, Rockford, Lowell and Kenowa Hills.
The Interact Club is a great service organization, like the Rotary Club.  It’s all about our youth learning to LEAD and be great community volunteers. This will help to build our community with a philosophy of “service above self.”  Some students of the Interact Club were part of the Rotary Life Leadership Conference last June.  The CS Rotary sponsors student participation in the Life Leadership Conference each year.  Students are selected by Rotarians, Julie Wheeler of Independent Bank and Aaron Gauger of White Creek Lumber. Selected students attend a camp with approximately 145 other young leaders from Rotary District 6290.
The CS Interact Club was spearheaded by Dr. Laura VanDuyn, CSPS Superintendent of Schools after joining the local Rotary Club and working alongside local Rotarians. The Interact Club is now led by senior Alec Falicki and assisted by Rotary advisors, Nicole Kozminski of Independent Bank and Randy VanDuyn who serves on the Board of Directors for the CS Rotary and the Red Flannel Festival. Josh Cooper, CSHS teacher, assists the Club leaders and offers his classroom as the meeting place for the Club.

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