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Cedar Spring Rotary club now offers a special membership program for corporations and businesses that allow a Shared Membership (SM) with one active member and one  “member representatives" of the SM.


Shared membership is intended for the president, CEO, CFO, key department head or general manager of a corporation/business as the active, registered Rotarian.  The second “member representative” should be a senior officer, manager or other key employee of the business.  The first active member will be the only one reported to Rotary International as an active member and be counted for attendance purposes.  The attendance of the second “member representative” will count under the name of the first “member representative”.


Each representative will have full membership rights and responsibilities except where it comes to voting.  The SM has only one vote, whichever representative is in attendance for a vote will be considered the vote of the SM.  In the case that both representatives are present in a voting situation, the lead “member representative” will vote for the SM.  


The active member will pay the full annual dues cost for one membership and one member initiation fee.   Only one “lunch” per week is paid for through these dues.   It is intended that this membership allows two people to fulfill attendance requirements for the Shared Member on an alternating basis, if both representatives are present for a weekly lunch meeting or other “paid” meeting then the second representative will pay an additional meal fee.


Both the prospective business and the representatives must be of good character and reputation.  Both of the “representatives” will receive all the privileges and opportunities of an active member, including the right to attend club meetings and enjoy the speakers, take part in club service and social activities and participate in fundraising and other club events.


This special type of shared membership will allow an organization the opportunity to maintain its membership year after year, even if the people filling the “representative” roles changes over time.  If either of the “representatives” should change jobs, be transferred, quit or retire it will be necessary to replace that representative within 90 days, there will be no additional initiation fee for the replacement, regular dues and club fees will continue through the replacement period.


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